Hello Fediverse, and and especially PeerTube's admins.

One year ago, I've found neo-nazi content on the instance I was using.
So I realized that right-wing groups have created PeerTube instances or are using unmoderated ones to spread their hate speech.

This content federates on other instances.

I list them here, making it easier to isolate them and their content to protect us.

The list :


You can help by reporting instances to this account.

You can follow this account to get update about this list (theses will be under a content warning).

If you are a you can use @peertube auto mute plugin with this list.

You can find the documentation of the auto mute plugin here:

@PeerTube_Isolation @peertube Would be nice to have a Code of Conduct for this list and a defined process what happens when one of the instances start moderating again. 😊

And great work! Peertube is child of sorrow for me because I even see content form far right and cospiritory instances federating to the instances I'm using or at the Instances promoted by framasoft. 😕

@eest9 Great ideas.

Better defined process would definitely helps (For the moment I contact instances when they only seems badly moderated).

I should also see with Framasoft what and how can I forward to them theses instances for Sepia Search.

I'll probably start slowly to work on that in January.

@PeerTube_Isolation Just a little request: Can you also make the list available as plain text, one domain per line (without http) so we can just copy/paste the list into the "muted domains" dialog?

Thanks for the list! Really helpful IMHO.


@Chocobozzz No, I cannot. My instance won't allow me to install plugins. I don't know why and TBH I don't have the time or energy to find out. But I can copy/paste to the muted domain dialog. @PeerTube_Isolation @peertube

@PeerTube_Isolation @jwildeboer

Hi, the list contains three server from

KenFM does not deliver illegal content at all. It's an independent german press organ. It shows very clear that it supports the european and the german constitution and does really nothing against it.

How does KenFM came on this black list???

@musinux @jwildeboer @PeerTube_Isolation I can imagine that reason is because he shares conspiracy theories and is anti-Semitic.

@montag @jwildeboer @PeerTube_Isolation

None of both.
50% of the founders family are jewish.
I ve never heard ken jebsen speaking one antisemitic sentence.

Where is the source for this claim, that KENFM is antisemitic?

Ah I see, the list contains only critical sites, which are against corona politics and other things like that.

Okay, now I know, how to read this list.

These are all the sites you must have seen and the goverments do not want you to see it.

@musinux @montag @PeerTube_Isolation You are free to use or not use the list. Completely or only in parts. That's your freedom. You just put yourself in a corner I wouldn't want to be in. Enjoy your day. Blocked.

@jwildeboer @montag @PeerTube_Isolation

Sems to me, that antidemocratics are creating a list to block democratics. Only to have a reason blame them as far right, conspiracy theorist, antisemitic or holocaust deniers. Are there any pieces of evidence? No!

It seems to me, that we just need a list of all antidemocrats and I will start with your entry.

@musinux @PeerTube_Isolation KenFM is IMHO an acceptable entry on the list. His antisemitic statements and him wearing blackface in public are sufficient reasons to keep him and his videos away from my peertube instance.

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