Peertube moderation: Racist, antisemitic and nazi content 

Adding peertube.rage .lol to the list.

It hosts nazi propaganda and racists content

Peertube moderation, alt-right (antisemitic, homophobic) instance 

Adding videos.martinezperspective .org to the list.

It has a lot of antisemitic and homophobic content.

I didn't dig too much but I imagine that there are also all the themes cherished by the right-wingers.

Peertube moderation, openly fascist instance 

Adding oursocialism. today to the list.

It's an openly fascist instance.

The admin name display name is "National Socialism" and use a nazi icon for the instance.

Peertube Moderation: racism, conspiracy (antivax, covid denialism and more) 

tube.kenfm. de is the instance of KenFM a German platform from the former radio host Ken Jebsen.
His radio show have been canceled following the leak of an antisemitic and Holocaust denialist mail he wrote.

Most of the videos are conspiracy videos, some of them are racist.

The 3 thumbnails showed in this post show an example of what can be found there : racism, conspiracy about Bill Gates and antivax discourse.

Here's the Wikipedia page about "KenFM" :

PeerTube / Meta 

Just a reminder, as a admin you should block far right's instance to isolate them and stop hate speech propagation.

But you may also need to do it to avoid legal troubles, for example there's a white supremacist channel on the last instance reported here that points to the owner's Twitter profile.

That Twitter profile is blocked in France and Germany "based on local law".

PeerTube moderation / white supremacism mention 

A video maker from YouTube have opened his own instance.

videos . lukesmith . xyz

He have announced the creation of this instance because "so many of [his] favorites channels now have [been banned]" while showing one banned for hate speech.
After a quick search this channel was the one of the "American Renaissance" magazine, a white supremacist online publication.

While his YouTube channel seems to host mostly tech/linux related content he seems to use a lot of alt-right's illustrations on the thumbnails. I haven't watched any others videos than the one where he's talking about PeerTube so I don't know about the content.

He also said that he have put a lot of his YouTube videos in "private" recently to avoid been banned.

He said in this video that he will post PeerTube's exclusive videos that he can't post on YouTube because they would be banned.

He also said that he wants to fully use federation to not be isolated on his instance, I suggest that we don't allow him that !


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