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please fuck off



Bonjour le fediverse, et surtout les administrateurs d'instances PeerTube.

Il y a un an, j'ai trouvé du contenu néo-nazi sur l'instance que j'utilisais.
J'ai donc réalisé que des groupes d'extrême droite ont créé des instances PeerTube ou utilisent des instances non modérées pour diffuser leurs discours de haine.

Ce contenu se fédère sur d'autres instances.

Je les liste ici, ce qui permet de les isoler plus facilement, ainsi que leur contenu, pour nous protéger.

La liste : peertube_isolation.frama.io/li


Vous pouvez aider en signalant les instances à ce compte.

Vous pouvez suivre ce compte pour être informé des mises à jour de la liste (ces mises à jour feront l'objet d'un avertissement de contenu).

Si vous êtes un , vous pouvez utiliser le plugin PeerTube auto mute avec cette liste.

Vous pouvez trouver la documentation du plugin auto mute ici : framagit.org/framasoft/peertub

Peertube moderation: Racist, antisemitic and nazi content 

Adding peertube.rage .lol to the list.

It hosts nazi propaganda and racists content

@crossgolf_rebel I'm sorry, I don't speak german.

Could you point me some content on this instance that would make it to the list ?

Peertube moderation, alt-right (antisemitic, homophobic) instance 

Adding videos.martinezperspective .org to the list.

It has a lot of antisemitic and homophobic content.

I didn't dig too much but I imagine that there are also all the themes cherished by the right-wingers.

PeerTube moderation : Covid denialism / QAnon 

tube.querdenken-711. de

Adding this instance to the list. It's maintained by the german group "Querdenken".

It's a group of covid denialist spreading conspiracy myths such as "the Great Reset".

They use a slogan inspired by that of QAnon.

In an interview, the founder of this group refused to condemn racism and fascism, instead describing Querdenken as a "democratic movement" that is "open to anybody".
He is also accused of having benefited from this movement.

re: Peertube moderation, openly fascist instance 


You're right, but also :

> Nazism the common name in English for National Socialism


Peertube moderation, more of the same 

The openly fascist instance just reported (oursocialism. today) is part of the group "fight big tech. See : cornichon.me/@PeerTube_Isolati

All instances of this group are considered unsafe.

Therefore I'm adding theses two instances to the list

- thecitizen. icu
- ourchristian .icu

Peertube moderation, openly fascist instance 

Adding oursocialism. today to the list.

It's an openly fascist instance.

The admin name display name is "National Socialism" and use a nazi icon for the instance.

SBC Meta, Block 

- oursocialism.today: A nazi activity pub instance that just popped up.

Do you think the list should be split into several thematic lists?

For example : right-wing/hate-speech and conspiracy theories

@eest9 Great ideas.

Better defined process would definitely helps (For the moment I contact instances when they only seems badly moderated).

I should also see with Framasoft what and how can I forward to them theses instances for Sepia Search.

I'll probably start slowly to work on that in January.

Hello Fediverse, and and especially PeerTube's admins.

One year ago, I've found neo-nazi content on the instance I was using.
So I realized that right-wing groups have created PeerTube instances or are using unmoderated ones to spread their hate speech.

This content federates on other instances.

I list them here, making it easier to isolate them and their content to protect us.

The list : peertube_isolation.frama.io/li


You can help by reporting instances to this account.

You can follow this account to get update about this list (theses will be under a content warning).

If you are a you can use @peertube auto mute plugin with this list.

You can find the documentation of the auto mute plugin here: framagit.org/framasoft/peertub

One year after the creation of this account the list contains 21 instances (and sadly it will keep growing, at least for the near-future).

3 of them are down, including
one of the two that led me to create this account ! 🎉

While the early finds where done exclusively by myself the last ones are all instances that people have reported to me. Thanks for your help !

We should continue in our common effort to isolate hate speech. Everyone involved in can be a part of it : users and of course admins.

In January I will try to investigate on how this has been effective, by looking at instances still federating with the ones reported here.

A year has gone by and the initial message (the one currently pinned) is a bit outdated, I'll redo it following this post.
I encourage you to boost it to spread awareness !

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