When windows vista was released as a beta, I changed my RAM to make my computer meet the minimal requirements.
At that time I was kind of a Windows fan. I wanted Vista sooo badly and its UI was so wonderful to me. Once installed, my computer became slow as crap... So... That's when I really started switching to Ubuntu Linux, with compiz + later emerald, introduced in 2007 in ubuntu. That was using my graphic card too with even more... Wobbly effects :P (my graphic card was from 2000, Radeon 7200, running with 2 monitors, later I remember one of them was 1080p, with 64mB of ram)

So yes, Compiz was powerful.

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@PhieLaidMignon aaahh, the cube transition effect to switch desktops. So wonderful ^^

@PhieLaidMignon The woobly effect, the windows closing in a fire, 3D Cube Desktop... Ahhhhhhh 😭

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